Case Studies

We give back for each client service we do.


3DC19 was anything but a typical project, spurred on by COVID-19.

The need for PPE was enormous and people were asking to help. So with a small group of others, we started 3DC19 to provide PPE for front line workers. We had the need and so many people willing to help 3D print face shields and ear savers. We needed a way to unite everyone for the common goal. Thus 3DC19 was born.

We named and did the marketing for the project along with so many others. It was an amazing experience and amazingly successful.

Paul Goebel Group

Paul Goebel Group updated their website to engage with new and current clients.

The new functionality has increased online request for quotes and has saved both Paul Goebel Group and their client’s ample amounts of time.

Port Pediatric Dentistry

Port Pediatric was a fantastic marketing challenge and it was greatly successful.

We wanted current patients of Dr. Port to recognize their new website as well as attract new patients with a newly designed user experience. We needed a way to engage current and new potential patients which is why blogging was such an important part of the website and marketing strategy. The blog content is a crucial part of the SEO plan as and it helped bring Port Pediatric Dentistry to the top of Google.