Trees and People

We give back for each client service we do. It’s another way we work with purpose.

We help you contribute to your surrounding community by planting trees with One Tree Planted or we donate to Idiots for Underdogs, a 501c3 charity, that helps those facing difficult times, with every free consultation or service completed with us.

For each project we do, we plant 1 tree.

Example: Each website we launch, we plant 1 tree.

For each new client we get, we plant 5 trees.

Example: You become a client, we plant 5 trees.

Why Planting Trees?

Trees have a huge impact on our environment and keeping us healthy from the air we breathe to the water we drink. We care about our environment and the people around us, which is why we help plant trees all over the world.

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Why Idiots for Underdogs?

Idiots for Underdogs is the Free Beer and Hot Wings’ 501c3 charity that helps an individual or family in need when one falls on a hard time and just needs a little help to get back on their feet. We’ve partnered up with the Free Beer and Hot Wings’ show to make a positive impact in our surrounding communities, but also those we cannot physically reach.

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