Employee Recruitment

100x job sites for less than the cost of one.

We give back for each client service we do.

Why is Employee Recruitment Marketing Important?

Hiring employees is a costly, and sometimes time consuming, endeavor for many companies but one that is just as important as getting customers, clients, and patients. You need a tool that brings in a variety of applicants without wasting company resources on efforts that don’t show results in your applicant pool.

Working with the typical Employee Recruiter…

You’ll pay them a start up fee +15% to 30% of the first year salary!

  • A $25/hr full time employee costs you their normal fee + $7500 to $15,00 more!
    • We don’t charge a % of anyone’s salary, that means more money for you!

We’re not typical!

Want to DIY and run ads on 10+ different platforms..?

  • You’ll run 10 different ads platforms and pay $1800 or more a month. Plus all of the time to run the ads on multiple job boards.
    • With us, it’s easier and better, and we’re on 100+ job platforms.
    • With us, you wont have any additional paid promotion costs!
  • Sponsoring 1 job on Indeed costs over a thousand dollars.
    (See Screenshot)
    • With us, no sponsoring or pay per click dollars needed!

What does Our Employee Recruitment Marketing Do for You?

We repurpose digital marketing and demographic targeting to help you effectively recruit employees with more applicants for up to 100x less than a recruiter would charge you.

What Are the Benefits of Our Employee Recruitment Marketing?

  • Flat rate cost.
  • No additional paid promotion costs.
  • Cancel any time.
  • No complicated CRM, applicants are sent directly to you.
  • Get on 100+ platforms cheaper than the cost of running on one yourself.
  • On average, 100X cheaper than hiring a recruiter.
  • Proven recruitment plan without the recruiting cost.
Are You Ready to Simplify Your Job Recruitment Process?

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