We give back for each client service we do.

Barb Senkala

SEO Manager

Chari Harris

Paid Advertising Manager

Daria Komarova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Adam Baird

Designer & Developer

Jacob Starkey

Designer & Developer

Julio Gonzalez

Designer & Developer

Andy Miller

Cinematographer and Photographer

Austin Dukesherer

Client Success Manager

Laken Wallace

Project Manger

Jordan Haynes


Winston Hofer

CEO, Founder

The Rest of The Team

When we’re assembling a team of experts around our clients’ specific needs, we also contract with our highly-skilled strategic partners. These are strategists, analysts, developers, designers, photographers and copywriters and much more.

Got Talent?

We are always seeking talented people with passion, experience and the ability to drive value for our clients.

Interested in joining the Madroit Marketing team?
Check out the Jobs pages to see where we’re looking for amazing people to join our team.