Terms of Service

Elevator Pitch Video - Power Service

Extra Time

Video should be 15-30 seconds long. Anything over 39 seconds will be an additional charge of $49 per 20 seconds. We’ll send an invoice for the additional amount due before we send any videos.

For example:

Video length Additional Charge
30 seconds $0
39 seconds $0 – Grace time
40 seconds $49
60 seconds $98 (49×2)
80 seconds $147 (49×3)

Reshooting the video

If you would like to reshoot the video for some reason. You can reschedule within 24 hours otherwise we’ve already begun the process of editing. If you want to reshoot the video and tell us within the 24 hours, you will have the option to do so for an additional $49.

No Show Policy

If you miss the video shoot, please contact us asap and we’ll try to reschedule. There will be no refund for missing the scheduled video shoot. It is up to you to reschedule. We’re pretty nice though so shoot us an email.

This policy was last modified: 9.29.2021