Response to COVID-19

& How We're Helping 3DC19

Our priority is our clients and working safely. We’ve been effectively working long before the pandemic thankfully.

Our focus has been on helping our clients communicate with their clients and patients.

Beyond our normal responsibilities, we’ve been apart of 3DC19.

3DC19 is a non-profit that was formed at the beginning of this pandemic with the purpose to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the people who need it.

The group has connected hundreds of volunteers to 3D Print and create PPE for hundreds of organizations ranging from large hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturers, dental practices and many more.

3DC19 has created over 60,000 pieces of PPE so far.

Our Contribution for 3DC19

3Dc19 Logo

We were fortunate enough to be able to be one of the founding companies to contribute.

We started by naming the group 3DC19 and designing the website. After that, others came to help provide other marketing efforts with our direction.

It continues to be a great experience being able to help a great cause and work with others in unrelated industries as well as other marketers.

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