What’s Your Call-to-Action?

Author Winston

Updated May 19, 2020


What Is A Call-to-Action (CTA)?

A CTA is a clear objective you want users to complete. It is usually a link to a new page with a form but could be as simple as a phone number.

Examples CTAs’:

  • Start a free trial
  • Make an appointment
  • Get a free consultation

Why It’s Important

The goal of your website is to…? What do you want consumers to do?

A good CTA promotes action. It gives the user something to do that will help complete their objective.

Design Matters

The content and design of each page on your website needs to lead to the CTA. It needs to stand out from the rest of the page.

Content (copy)

What you say drives users to take an action or not take an action. Convince them they need to respond now, don’t let them think about it. You may only get their attention once, make it count.

Conversion Rate

Just like your business, continued improvement is essential to keeping and attracting consumers. It’s a numbers game, optimize your site for the best results.

A/B testing

  • It works, figure out why so you can repeat it.
  • It doesn’t work, figure out why to fix it.
  • It kind of works, let’s improve it.

How to Improve Your CTA

There are many resources out there that can help you get started. Make sure you have a clear CTA. A/B test it and find out what generates the most for your company.

You Have Options

  • DIY
  • Do you know someone who knows someone?
  • US! Let’s discuss how we will improve your company.
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